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Article Cancellations
NetDepot.com customers are required to submit cancellation requests in writing, 30 days in advance of your desired termination date. Approved...
Views: 176
Article How do I install cPanel?
Paste these commands into your shell session:# wget http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/latest# sh latestPlease do not include the '#'Once this starts,...
Views: 130
Article S3 Buckets and ACLs
            Access Control List with Netdepot Object Storage     Our Object Storage allows for granting different level of access to object or...
Views: 119
Article Payments
It is recommended that you initiate all payments within your client area/portal.
Views: 71
Article Utilizing Netdepot S3 Storage
Accessing Netdepot S3 Storage: There are two primary ways of accessing and interacting with Netdepot S3 storage within a *nix operating system; as...
Views: 71